Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bus blueprint!

So, a classmate asked me if she could read over my notes from Wednesday's lecture, because she missed the first half...
"Uh, well, you're welcome to look over them, but you might not gain anything useful from them. You see, I just got this bus...!!!" I tried to explain to her.

It's a good thing I happened to have done the readings that were assigned, because I don't think I wrote down a single word from anything school-related all week. So, I decided that perhaps I could prevent future class distractions by trying my hand at some computer-generated schematics.

Turns out, I am pretty terrible at them, but "Easter" weekend has found us far, far from the beloved bus, so I had to satisfy my addiction somehow.

So, observe my rendition below:

And now, descriptions to go with the schematic:
A) The wooden bunk-bed that we found on the side of the road. Complete with tons of pillows and my black satin VW Beetle comforter.

B) The bathroom. Tile floors, custom-designed wallpaper, shelving units, and gravity flushing system. Obviously when parked on the farm, this shall not be in use, but I will be building a composting toilet in the woods. (Maybe I'll build a cute little path out to it made from flat rocks.

C) Workstation/desk. Even though there will be no electricity, so no computer, there is still need of a desk for drawing pictures, writing stories, and doing paperwork, so there it is. Hopefully I will find a nice rolly chair on Craig's list for free.

NOTE: between this section and the rest of the bus, there is a wall partition thingy. I am thinking that a sliding door would be cool there, but tapestry + beaded curtain would also = awesome.
In this section there is also an emergency escape hatch, which is going to be accessible by ladder. I would like to make the ladder a permanent fixture (moving it around would be difficult and I would most likely break things) with hinges on the roof, and have a pulley system so that it is like a drawbridge and stays out of the way, up against the ceiling when not being used. Also I could hang stuff from it when its not being used. As for the emergency escape at the front, well maybe that one can have a removable ladder, but what I would really like is if it had a slide that would shoot you right into the open space near the kitchen. I bet I can make this happen. (I did find a pool slide for free on CL, but it was too far North, and I had to get to school.)

D) These two chairs would be those awesome victorian chairs with the carved wooden dragons and ladies on them. To the left, against the partition that separates the desk
area, will be some shelving and storage space. In front of these, in between the chairs and the couch (item O) there will be a nice rug and coffee table, I was just having problems trying to make a circle with photoshop, which was the lousy program that I was using.

E) Countertop for the kitchen! Complete with dish drying rack, cutting board surface, etc. Underneath there will be compost bins. The goal will be to have hardly any waste produced by/in/related to the bus. Recycle, compost, burn in the fire pit = okay.

F) The counter on the other side of the kitchen. Hoping to build shelving on it, with a small "pass through" window in the middle to reach the dining table on the other side. Above and to either side, storage units for stuff.

G) The only remaining original seats from the bus, facing each other, with
H) table in the middle! Maybe I'll attach the Craig's List bread box to it.

I) Floor of the "mud area" will be tiled, or some sort of laminating that will be easy to clean.

J) These are the '60s couches that we found on CL. Because the legs broke off, we were going to make new ones, but then I thought, "storage!" so, we are going to build a cabinet for them to rest on top of, so shoes, boots, tools, backpacks, etc. can slide underneath and out of sight.

K) Partition between the driver's seat and the couch. There will be hooks for jackets on the couch side, and hanging folders for maps, paperwork, etc., on the driver's side.

L) SHELVES! And there will be planties on top of it.

M) Kitchen floor = tiled.

N) OOps, I already said this. Coffee table, rug, etc. You know!

O) This would be the famous gold couch. Hanging slightly over/to the right of it, is where one of the hammocks is going to go. It will be adjustable, so that it can hang either lower or higher depending on the occupancy of the couch... ;-)

P) Ladder for the bunk bed. There will be a nightstand behind it with a lantern, some candles, and flashlights... probably some plants.

Q) This is the location of the fire escape where the ladder is going to go.

R) There is a shelf here over the engine bay. I am going to put a pole here to hang clothes on.

S) bookshelf

T) Sink - hopefully two - found on CL. They will drain in to greywater buckets underneath (yes, yes I know that I could build a septic system easily - I am choosing not to) so that I can wash things with that soap that degrades into plant nutrients, and pour it on the gardens. Above the sink will be an iron rack that takes up the whole window, with multiple shelves where I can put pots full of herbs and baby plants.

1. We are going to build a diesel generator that will run off of used fryer oil.
2. Also, stove setup... perhaps some other type of flammable gas, and then have some ventilation system.
3. The roof of the bus: there will be a deck built on top, with railings of course. Up there will be a picnic table with benches, lounge chairs, a BBQ grill, and maybe some tiki torches.
4. The bus seats are ending on eBay tomorrow morning!

Interesting notes:
-There is lots of storage, but... not really any stuff to put into the storage spaces. Oh well. Stuff = unnecessary.

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  1. O.O When you said you got a bus I think i was thinking old schoolbus like you always see on the side of the road in the country. Holy crap! I'm jealous. :P (not of the bus, I don't want one of those... but of the idea and the progress along it !!!!) very exciting. i wanna come see!