Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh, the horror!

Three weeks, and no bus time!
What is going on here?
What is this?!?
Some kind of TORTURE!?!

Such is the life of a busy college student with way too many hobbies for her own good. But, I won't let this turn into a "woe is me" post.

Nor will I let this blog entry turn into an "Ode to Jesse" post, although this could also be accomplished with hardly any effort.
He did afterall
1) find a lead on some bus engine parts,
2) came up with an excellent idea for obtaining solar panels (part of my dream!), and
3) a diesel generator... which we plan on running off of grease.
The generator idea: a while ago, we had bought a diesel Mercedes engine with the hopes of installing it into the 220, BUTTTT it appears that Jesse has now found a turbo diesel, which is much more desirable.
"alright, so what are we going to do with the other diesel? sell it? part it out then sell the parts and scrap it for metal $$ ??" I asked. (DUH!)

Alright, so before I get too ahead of myself here, let me explain the happenings of the past 3 weekends which have prevented us from having time for the bus:
#1 - Easter. Don't get me wrong, I could care less, but Jesse's family invited me... so I went.
#2 - Little sister's 20th birthday and Badminton extravaganza. (and no, I'm not in that picture)
#3 - Rallycross and Dustoff

Hopefully these are good enough reasons for you all.
I could break both legs, be mysteriously teleported to Arizona by UFOs, and I would still hobble across the entire Grand Canyon to get to my bus.


Recent happenings:
FURNITURE KARMA + Craig's List addiction = An almost completely furnished bus.

The other night, Jesse and I made a trip to pick up an awesome dresser and end table that I determined I could not live without. We arrived in Woburn around 8:15 pm.
"I tried to represent them as accurately as possible" said Tim, as I admired the free bureau and end table that Jesse and I were preparing to load onto the Golf. "I said that they were old and ugly!"
"What are you talking about, I love them!" I said, jumping up and down a little.
"You must really like things from the '70s!" Tim said.
Jesse just laughed. "If only he knew the half of it!" he muttered to me under his breath.

So, barely visible, but you get the idea: once again, the golf filled to the brim with stuff! (if you click on the picture, in the large view you can see all of the cute tree pieces that have adhered themselves to Jesse's wheels!)

We got back into the car to make our trip back with our prizes. Again, we had to take moment to reflect, because of the situation. You see, this has been our fourth furniture pickup thus far, and we seem to get the same reaction every time. "Be sure to bring a truck and a couple strong guys to help you out!" is the warning that I normally get.
"I'll bring a friend!" I'll say, "But don't be expecting a truck!"

Then, of course, when Jesse and I show up in his little golf, the responses vary from, "Well, you can look at it, but you won't be able to take it in that..." to, "Oh, there's no way that you're going to be able to lift it yourselves, and I can't help you..."
Always polite, but never positive, and certainly not expecting the two of us to happily admire the free piece(s) of furniture, lift it up with ease onto the roof of the golf, strap it down with only the one yellow strap, and be ready to drive off withing minutes - with hardly an ounce of effort. We had the routine down.

"Wow," Tim had said, "I guess you guys have done this a few times before! I won't interfere then!"

Jesse and I took a few minutes to laugh and give high-fives.

"Anja, we can do anything!" he said.

Perhaps its true.

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