Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bus's Heads

Well, I finally pulled the heads off of the first motor (the original, the DDEC) after much struggle. All of the hoses had been rusted miserably together to form unbreakable bonds. A day of soaking in PB Blaster and I managed to break a few free, and only damaging one, which thankfully I have a backup for on the other motor. Whew.
After detaching the electrical injectors, breaking all of the enormous head bolts free and labeling everything obsessively, I ended up asking for a hand from a strong friend to muscle them onto a wheelie cart for me, then into (and back out of,) the washing machine.

Mmmm... Downy fresh heads!!

After they were clean, I learned how to Vacuum Test the heads. 3 out of the 4 cylinders held vacuum, which means that the cylinder that doesn't... needs a valve job! Augh. Well, not too bad, because I've been interested in learning how to do one of those. The problem is now to figure out: do the one bad one, or do them all? If one is bad... then are the others going? Or is this just the case of damage from my internal issue, and all of the damage that will be done, has been done?

But cost, too. I am dead broke. I could do the one cylinder, and it would save me in time and money... and the others ARE fine.

Oooohhhhh the decisions! DECISIONS! Input, anyone??

Here, I will include some more pictures of my motor for fun!!
(note: objects in pictures are larger than they appear!)

The heads, freshly removed from the block.

Thank goodness to rebuilding the VW engine first! Priceless things that you learn: LABEL EVERYTHING!!! No, don't even THINK about it, there is NO WAYYYYY that you will remember where that bolt goes in a month from now, I don't care how obvious it looks today!!! Label it!

I guess now you could say I am a bit obsessive about the labeling... BUT it will save my butt when I go to put the thing back together. I also stamped into the heads "R" and "L" and the numbers of the cylinders so that the labels on the injectors make sense. *sigh* I am such an overachiever...

HERE! Thoroughly cleaned heads, ready for the next step.

OH! And as promised, here is a neat picture of the intake.

Yes! That's right! The intakes are on the bottom of the cylinders. Tell me that's not awesome! Silly 2-strokes...
I love old things and outdated technology!

Now, speaking of, perhaps its time to go write some letters on my typewriter...


  1. Who knew they made giant diesel two strokes? Just looked it up on Wikipedia, pretty cool.

    - Kevin

  2. Kevin! Oh how wonderful to hear from you, my dear hillclimb friend!

    Yes, I am quite a fan of them myself. Apparently it is part of what gives them their very unique sound. "Screaming Detroits" is what they are lovingly referred to as, if my memory serves me. I find myself slowing down and rolling down my windows to listen every time I hear one in a bus, fire truck, or big piece of equipment. :)

    Pretty soon they will be a thing of the way far past, since the new regulations pretty much outlaw them. They are already on their way. More difficult to find parts now than ever! Thankfully, I have some ins....

    Coming soon to a hillclimb race near you!

  3. If it were me I'd use the time it takes to earn money for the other 3 cyl to research whether or not they should be 'done'. If yes, you have the satisfaction and confidence it wasn't wasted money, AND the money, and if no, you have the satisfaction and confidence it isn't necessary AND money for the next step! ;-)

    Great to hear the story and see the pics!

  4. Aren't the DD 2-strokes absolutely brilliant?

    which motor is in this? 8V92 or 8V71?

    How's the blower look on it?

  5. This is an 8V92.

    The blower on this one looks not so great. On the other motor: fabulous! Thankfully they are interchangeable :) The exact same part # and all!!