Tuesday, December 28, 2010

catching up...

So, you really write articles for a bus magazine, you ask?

Why yes, yes indeed I do. And just for a little bit of fun, here is a cover and the table of contents, with our names prominently posted in writing. :) We're famous!

I write an article every other month. My most recent is coming out this January, so the following will be in March, however I always write them a month ahead of time, so March's will have to be written by early February. This is awesome, because it gives me time in between articles to get things done, and I am also driven by the need to have something to write about... and then I get my story out. Sometimes, the act of telling the story reminds you why you do something and what you believe, the importance of your undertaking, and to what extent you will go to accomplish your dreams.


But enough of that.
Onto the updating, which you may think is more important anyhow.

So, perhaps some of you know, perhaps some of you don't, but I am no longer a college student anymore! I have graduated. Hoorah. Last May, to be precise, with a degree in Psychology. I worked in my field for about 9 months before I realized that it just was not my thing... well, at least not the time, nor the application of my information. (Does anyone really use their degrees anyhow? Well, I'd like to again at some point, but certainly not in Rhode Island!)

Jeez, there is so much to explain between now and last February, but basically here is where I am now: (and the middle will fill itself in at some point) I am working at a machine shop in Pawtucket, RI (www.sparmachine.com). Two days ago was a huge blizzard, and somehow Dave and I managed to make it to work, but no one else did... so what else is there to do but work on a bus motor?

Here is a picture for fun:

This was my motor last week, right before I drove to New Hampshire for the Holidays. Well, after about 20 minutes of vacuuming filth and grime off of in between where the heads and supercharger came together. So, in the middle there is where the supercharger goes, and then the turbo on top of that. I have been spending evenings taking this thing apart, and it is no small task. I do my best not to become overwhelmed by the bigness of this whole project - just take it one day at a time. As my dear friend Jesse tells me, as long as I am doing something every day. It doesn't matter if it is only removing one bolt: as long as I am constantly moving forward. Once the project slows to a stop, then inertia can be an evil thing to have to fight against.

One of the motor's mammoth heads. And look! No headgasket! And if you think that is strange, see the valves? All EXHAUST valves. So, where are the intake valves, you ask? Well, you'll have to wait and see in my next post, because I had the foresight to leave my camera at home this morning!!! (rolls eyes) Don't forget - this motor is a 2-stroke. Yes, my bus is powered by an extra large lawnmower motor. Eh, make that weed-wacker, even.

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