Thursday, March 24, 2011

just to add...

I just had to add to my last post, and also share some pictures. Alright so the 5-year plan is nice, but I think I want to move on this whole "no money" idea a little faster. As soon as the bus is safe and drivable (meaning brakes work, tires are good, engine runs, etc., not finished interior or anything like that) I want to try this plan - for one year. This is one of my many ongoing current goals.

I have noticed that dumpster diving for food when one is a gluten-free vegan is a little trying. Possible, but you can't really "expect" anything. No one can get sued for contaminating your food with wheat products if you are stealing it from their waste.


As it is, I live pretty money-less, in terms of spending. I try not to spend often, mainly because consumerism gets me down. I can't help but think about who is being affected along the line.
"Made in China"
"Made in Taiwan"
What land was subjected to deforestation for that factory, how much petroleum was used to transport these metals, which were probably mined in South Africa, how much profit is this company making by skimping out on health insurance for its workers.... AH!

Even putting fuel in my car, which I haven't done in over a month now because I sold the old Benz and the Rabbit is in storage until possibly the weekend. Actually, I hope to revive the the Rabbit ("Gaia" is her name) this Saturday, so that I can drive down to Warwick, RI to check out a WVO filtration system that some guy (who sounds pretty rad) is selling. I may just check out his design, but it's like... I am not sure that I could just explain to him my life plan and see if he would be willing to donate to the cause (or, even better, exchange for something that I have, or some labor, or whatnot. His son does have a mk2 diesel Jetta, so we'll see!). There are many obstacles that are getting int he way of living for free that I Have to jump over, or avoid all together.

But, if I want to drive the bus, and I want to live without money, then WVO is kind of going to be a necessity. I am not sure how to handle this now, so I promise I'll get back to it.

I have another interesting story about manifesting that involves my website idea and meeting a person this afternoon, but I don't want to jinx it, but I'll just say that I am super in touch with the Universe currently. Rock.

And, as promised, I have a few cool pictures of the current inside of the bus. I am hoping to organize a bus interior-gutting party soon, as well as a bus-frame-painting-party, which can be really all-inclusive. Anyone who can wield a paintbrush can show up to help and earn karmic points that can be redeemed at any point.

This series is fun, because it looks like you're walking up into the bus from behind. (See the picture on the right sidebar where I am standing in the rear doors of the bus! There's one step back even further!) This is looking up from where the engine used to be.

Pardon the scattered ranting... this post brought to you by a brain dump at 16 minutes past my bedtime. :)


  1. so once you get it running on veggie oil, you can recycle from restaurants as you go?
    Please try to make video updates as you go!


  2. Hey there, Chip!
    Absolutely. So, I went ahead and bought the system... it was just so well done, I couldn't resist. The determining factor in the purchase decision was that I could retro-fit the filtration system into the bus, and could filter my oil on board as I drove. This will save me hundreds if not thousands in fuel costs. :)

    I absolutely plan on making more video! More during the conversion process, and definitely more in the future when I travel, when I get oil, and when I run into problems and have to solve them!! Stay tuned, I am turning into a full-time blogger!!

    Thanks for the question!

    -The Bus Girl

  3. Anja,

    Good progress you are a huge nerd of epic proportions.

    - Nick

  4. Nick, which Nick are you!!??

    Heh heh thanks. Just you wait, it gets better. :)

  5. audi that makes funny noises = me!

  6. Aaaah, I see!
    VrrrreeeeeEEEEEEE Psshhhhh, VrrrreeeeeEEEEEEE Psshhhhh...
    That one?

    I was hoping it was you!! :) Thanks for reading!