Monday, March 28, 2011

Recycled fuel! Coming soon to a bus near you!

Quick update:

I did it!!
I had to.
I bought a waste vegetable oil filtration system from a very competent and creative DIY-er from Warwick, RI.

I will be picking it up and bringing it home tomorrow!

More pictures to follow, these are just a few from the Craig's List Ad. I will go into more detail (about how they work, and why I chose to purchase this one, and how I intend to use it) in future posts, but right now, it's 15 minutes past my bedtime.

The Bus Girl


  1. Interesting idea on the WVO front. If you haven't already, check out
    The Adler family's adventure in a WVO powered Bluebird
    Wanderlodge. I;m sure Steve has had enough experience by now to give you some learned pointers. His 1st adventure (a few years ago is there). The motorhome (ELBEE) is on Facebook too. He also lives in RI.

  2. I don't have Facebook, but believe it or not, I have read this blog a few times already!! Hehe. I have been thinking about this and gathering information for so long that I know a lot of what is out there, but not all, so thanks for the link!! :)

    I do believe that there is something to be learned from every story, even though I have been running grease myself and making biodiesel for 3 years now! One thing that the Adler family and I disagree on, I wouldn't put anything in my bus (or car!) that I wouldn't put in my own body! This is my general rule of thumb. So... McDonalds?? Augh, NO WAY!!!! If I feel like replacing my filter, like, 3 times afterward for that one tank of partially hydrogenated crap!! :P
    (damn snobby vegans!!)

    He lives in RI??! I think I read about him before I ever considered RI being local! I should look him up I'd love to talk with him!!

    Thanks for the comment :)